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Get the Dental Treatment you Deserve.

Dream Smiles Dental has Teamed with National Dental Plan and Afterpay to provide our patients with an affordable way to get access to quality, long lasting Dental care.

Your Dental Treatment Funding

With Access my Super, you can simplify the process of your early access to superannuation to cover the cost of your dental procedures for you or someone else eligible. Other benefits include the fact that it does not involve credit checks, longer waiting time since the funds are given to private clinics, and does not accrue large debts. Applying for early releases of super is a stress-free process with Access my Super. In no way is Access my Super a superannuation fund or a financial services provider. Instead, they provide funding assistance for patients to access their superannuation fund early to cover the cost of their dental care. Regarding fees, worry not because applying to Access my Super is only payable if your claim is accepted. Dream Smiles Dental does not benefit from your engagement with Access my Super. We liaise on your behalf with Access my Super to provide them all the required documentation for your application to be successful.

Take Advantage Of Your Superannuation For Your Dental Treatment

Most dental procedures, like implants and dentures, can be paid for with your Super. Other than that, below are just some of the many dental procedures that make you eligible to withdraw early super that can help facilitate funding for:

1. General Dentistry

2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

3. Clear Aligners

4. Root Canal Treatment

5. Dental Crowns

6. Dental Implants

We are glad to have Access My Super consultants to help us in handling applications for our patients. You can reach out to us anytime either online, by phone, or by chat to learn more about Access my Super!

Pay With Your Super

Many Australians are still unaware that they can request an early release of their superannuation for their dental treatment. This is made possible by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)’s Compassionate Release of Superannuation (CRS) program. Dream Smiles Dental highly recommend seeking assistance from Access my Super.
Pay With Your Super

Pay With Humm

Experience the ultimate convenience of using humm to pay for your services at DreamSmilesDental. With humm, you have the flexibility to manage your dental expenses in a way that suits your budget.

Whether you’re visiting DreamSmilesDental for routine check-ups, dental procedures, or cosmetic enhancements, humm offers a hassle-free payment solution. Here’s how it works:

🦷 Apply on the Spot:

If you’re new to humm, applying for it is a breeze. You can complete the application process right at DreamSmilesDental during your appointment. Simply follow the prompts, and if you meet the criteria, you’ll receive an instant approval, allowing you to proceed with your dental services right away.

🦷 Download the App:

Alternatively, you can take control of your payments by downloading the humm app. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to manage your payments, view your transactions, and stay on top of your dental expenses.

🦷 Sign Up Online:

Another convenient option is to sign up for humm online. Visit the humm website, complete the application, and gain access to a world of payment flexibility for your dental needs.

🦷 Enjoy Interest-Free Instalments:

With humm, you can choose to pay for your dental services in regular, interest-free instalments. This means you can focus on your oral health without worrying about immediate financial strain.

🦷 Review Terms and Conditions:

Keep in mind that while humm offers payment convenience, it’s essential to review the lending criteria, fees, and terms and conditions to ensure you have a clear understanding of your payment obligations. DreamSmilesDental and humm make it easier than ever to invest in your dental health and maintain your smile. Don’t let financial concerns hold you back from achieving your dream smile. Choose humm, and enjoy a stress-free way to manage your dental expenses.

Pay With Zip Pay

Unlock the simplicity of using Zip to pay for the services at DreamSmilesDental. Zip provides you with an effortless way to manage your dental expenses, ensuring your smile remains bright without financial stress.

Here’s why you should consider paying for your DreamSmilesDental services with Zip:

🦷 Effortless Sign-Up:

Getting started with Zip is a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can complete the application process, allowing you to access Zip’s flexible payment solutions immediately. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and delays.

🦷 Shop Anywhere You Like:

With Zip, you can shop to your heart’s content, not just at DreamSmilesDental but also at your favorite online and physical stores. The Zip app opens up a world of possibilities for your shopping needs.

🦷 Tailored Repayment Options:

Zip puts you in control of your finances by allowing you to pay for your dental services at your own pace. This means you can prioritize your oral health without worrying about immediate financial constraints.

🦷 Transparent Terms and Conditions:

Before you start, it’s essential to review the terms and conditions to ensure you have a clear understanding of the lending criteria and fees associated with Zip.

DreamSmilesDental and Zip collaborate to make maintaining your dental health and achieving your dream smile more accessible and stress-free. Don’t let financial concerns hinder your oral care. Opt for Zip, and experience a convenient way to manage your dental expenses, ensuring your smile shines bright.

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