Busting 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Busting 4 Most Common Misconceptions about Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Pigmentation and stains in teeth can cause many problems, including lack of confidence, poor smile quality, and so on. Conditions like these can find satisfying resolution through cosmetic teeth whitening, a process that involves removal of the pigmentation marks.

No doubt, many people still hold on to some common misconceptions about teeth whitening procedures. Perhaps that’s why they don’t usually consider the advice from their dentist West Pennant Hills and continue to face the problems.

Here are four common myths in this regard followed by the truth behind them.

  1. All the Teeth-whitening methods are the same

People often believe that all teeth whitening processes are equal and effective. But that is not the truth. For instance, the efficiency and performanceof the laser whitening process will be much higher than the whitening strips. Usually, the efficiency depends on the tool used in the process and the overall procedure.

  1. It can lessen the thickness of the tooth

As per a common belief, whitening can reduce the thickness of the teeth since it requires removing the enamel partially. Although it may sound logical, it holds no scientific truth. Instead, cosmetic teeth whitening only lightens the pigmentation. It does not harm the enamel.

  1. Only Old adults can go for the procedure

If you think that only old adults are eligible to get a teeth whitening process, you are wrong. Instead, anyone above the age of 16 can also get the procedure done to remove the pigmentation from the teeth.

  1. Whitening is truly painful

The cosmetic teeth whitening process is not painful at all. Instead, you won’t even realize that the dentist West Pennant Hills is performing it.

With these four myths about the cosmeticteeth whitening busted, you don’t need to worry about investing in the process. Just make sure to follow the instructions of your dentist in West Pennant Hills. It will help you to retain the whiteness of your teeth for a long time.