Dental Crowns and Bridges – Protecting Your Teeth for a Long Time

Dental Crowns and Bridges – Protecting Your Teeth for a Long Time

If you get an option to keep all your teeth in the best possible condition, what would you choose? Would you prefer extraction over preservation? If yes, then it may leave you worried about the hassles involved in tooth extraction. Moreover, people prefer to keep their teeth rather than opting for their extraction. Some people even refrain from visiting a dentist in Carlingford, due to the fear of tooth extraction, which makes their dental condition even worse.

Do you have a bad or decayed tooth? If yes, extraction is not the only option. Owing to the condition of your tooth, your dentist can still preserve it with the help of dental crowns and bridges. A breakthrough in the field of dental treatments, both these types of implants help to restore smiles.

When is crown an ideal option?

More commonly known as ‘cap’, these crowns can last for decades. The dentist in Carlingford can customise it to make it comfortable for your mouth. More specifically, if you have already faced a major decay issue and had to undergo root canal treatment earlier, then crowns would be the next option. This will help the tooth to remain covered and protected in the long run. It helps the tooth maintain its healthy state. You can have many individual crowns, but each crown befits a single tooth only.

When would you choose dental bridges?

Suppose you had a broken tooth or one that was in a very bad condition, which required extraction immediately. In any such case, the space of that tooth remains vacant and may create misalignment for the rest of your teeth. Thus, with the help of the preceding and proceeding good teeth, a dentist in Carlingford can create a dental bridge where the prosthetic tooth will be anchored with the help of the healthy ones.

What is the cost?

Both these treatments are affordable and hassle-free. However, charges may vary from person to person, dentist to dentist, area, and the placement position of the dental crowns and bridges. Also, the material used to make them also impacts the cost.

How to take care?

For both dental crowns and bridges, there is no better way to take care than regular brushing and cleaning. You may use dental floss to ensure that food particles do not remain stuck in between. If you are taking out your dental bridge, make sure to store it in the container your dentist Carlingford has provided you. With proper care, dental crowns and bridges can last up to 10-15 years.

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