Dentist North Parramatta, Information on Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dentist North Parramatta, Information on Dental Crowns and Bridges

Do you need to replace a missing tooth? If yes, choosing dental crowns and bridges can be a recommended option. Dentists consider it as the most straight forward approach to address your tooth loss issue. Let’s examine dental bridges and crowns with their process, right here.

You can visit a dentist North Parramatta to get the dental crown and bridge treatment. The method generally aims at equipping a tooth (or teeth) with their complete chewing functionality yet again.

Crown – A brief intro

A dental crown, sometimes known as a cap, encases the entire tooth and replaces the enamel on the exterior with a different substance. To allow the appropriate chewing of food, crowns have a shape and proportion that resembles their tooth structure. It also comes under actual contact with the opposing tooth.

The procedure

Your dentist North Parramatta would perform dental crowns and bridges treatment in the following cases:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Teeth cracking
  • Enlarged teeth fillings

Bridge – A brief intro

The artificial bridge replaces missing teeth in the bridge. It is fastened (permanently affixed) to the teeth and restores missing teeth in the middle. If a healthy tooth is on either side of the missing or broken tooth, the bridge can repair one or more missing teeth.

Although they might last a lifetime, dental crowns and bridges can occasionally become loosened or fall off. Maintaining good dental hygiene is the most crucial measure to maintain the durability of a crown or bridge.

Bottom line

A bridge may lose the support if the tooth in a fix position are harmed by dental problems. To keep your teeth in good condition or to know about the right treatment for your problematic tooth, visiting a dentist in North Parramatta would be advisable.