Types of Dental Problems and Their Causes Everyone Should Know

Types of Dental Problems and Their Causes Everyone Should Know

The maintenance of oral health comprises many things, such as brushing the teeth twice a day, flossing, mouthwash, gargling, tongue cleaning, regular dental checkups, and eating healthy food etc., which are some absolute measures for preventing most sorts of dental problems. First of all, we must be aware of common types of oral problems for taking diligent measures to avoid them.

Bad Breath – It is undoubtedly a cringing experience for people. Some of the common causes are gum disease, dry mouth, bacterial infection, wisdom teeth or cavities. Sometimes, regular brushing and mouthwash can’t help with chronic bad breath and urges for dental care.

Tooth Decay – The oral problems mostly start from tooth decay, making it is the second biggest dental problem in the world. Tooth enamel is the most important part of our tooth that wards off many dental problems and protects our tooth from decay. Excess starch and acidity lead to the loss of tooth enamel and breeds tooth decay.

Gum Disease – We all know stronger gum means stronger teeth. Our jawline is the most powerful muscle in our body and gums are a part of it, responsible for holding our teeth. Therefore, It is absolutely necessary to take care of gum health. Failing to do so can lead to tooth sensitivity, bad breath, pain, and tooth loss.

Toothaches and Dental Emergencies: Emergencies are inevitable and there is nothing much we can do to avert the risks of injury. Accidents might occur at any point in time and the quickest medical attention can help in preventing severity. As for dental emergencies, it could be a tooth getting knocked out (tooth loss), broken or cracked tooth, or sudden chronic pain in teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry: Unattractive or uneven teeth can lead to distorted or ugly smiles. Fixing it can lead o boost in self confidence. It is also called cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening, braces, bridges, veneers etc come under aesthetic dentistry. These procedures help people in getting a pretty and attractive face.

Conclusion: Hence, these were some of the tooth problems that we must be aware of. You can easily prevent most teeth problems by maintaining basic oral hygiene and visiting your Dentist regularly.

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