Cosmetic Tooth Whitening and Causes of Tooth Staining

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening and Causes of Tooth Staining

Milky-white teeth are attractive, and they bring confidence to us every time we smile. People seek the best dentists in West Pennant Hills, specialising in cosmetic teeth whitening. Also, various dentists in North Parramatta offer a quick, non-invasive and affordable way to enhance a smile. The importance of teeth whitening is equal for both genders. Treatments are available to satisfy every budget, time frame, and temperament.

Anyone who opts for teeth whitening treatments gets the desired results of getting significantly improved aesthetics of their teeth; the brightness and whiteness increase twofold. However, that doesn’t mean you can leave your dental maintenance to rest after completing the procedure. One should be mindful that it is not a permanent solution and proper care of the teeth is critical for preventing the teeth from discolouration.

The Causes of Tooth Staining

Age: Age plays a role in tooth staining; tooth colouration and age have a direct correlation. As time passes, our teeth go through irreversible damage. The whitening procedure gets more challenging as you age. For example, you can see dramatic results of teeth whitening as uou age. As you reach your 50s, teeth absorb many stains that are needed to remove to get desired results.

Natural Tooth Color: Every human being has unique genetics, and depending on our genetics, we have natural tooth colours that can intensify over time; if not maintained properly. Usually, there are yellowish-brownish and greenish-grey that most common. Depending on the tooth colour ,Dentist decides on a suitable bleaching procedure.

Translucency and Thinness: Again, our genetic traits have a lot to do with the development and longevity of our teeth. As we grow older, these traits start to manifest in the appearance of our teeth significantly. Some people have translucent and thin teeth, and some have opaque and thick (have a better advantage of getting better tooth whitening results). According to the  dentists of West Pennant Hills, transparency is the only condition that any form of teeth whitening cannot correct.

Eating Habits: The primary contributing cause of tooth staining is excess consumption of food items such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and dark-coloured beverages. Furthermore, one should abstain from consuming too much acidic food because they cause enamel erosion (which causes more problems for teeth).

Summary: Finally tea and chemicals also play a role in teeth staining. Nicotine leaves brownish deposits and drastically increases teeth discolouration, and drugs such as Tetracycline cause staining. In addition, the excess use of fluoride can also contribute to white mottling.