Why does a dentist use a crown or a bridge?

Why does a dentist use a crown or a bridge?

Dental crowns and bridges help ensure the restoration of the teeth. Restoration of teeth is necessary in many cases. That might include when there is too much decay, a missing tooth, a crack, or after a Root Canal Treatment. A bridge is used to replace one or two missing teeth with artificial teeth. At the same time, a crown is used to give additional strength to the teeth. Let us tell you more about when and why dentists use them.

Before we discuss why a dentist in North Parramatta uses crowns, it is important to know what crowns are. A crown is simply a cap that provides protection to a tooth. Protection may be needed when there is too much decay, and the filling will not be able to support the structure of the teeth. Crowns are made of materials like ceramic and metal that are strong and durable.

The following are the different ways crowns can be used to protect the teeth.

  • If a large part of the tooth has decayed, a crown is used to restore the teeth.
  • The tooth needs support when there is a large filling, and a crown can do this job perfectly.
  • When there is a crack in the tooth, the continuity of enamel gets disrupted. A replacement for the enamel is needed. There are caps available with a dentist in North Rocks that resemble enamel. They are perfect for restoring a cracked tooth to prevent it from further deterioration.
  • When an infection reaches the nerve of the teeth, a root canal treatment has to be performed. This means that all the blood vessels, including the nerve of the teeth, are removed. This can leave the teeth susceptible to cracks. To give it additional strength, a dentist in North Paramatta will recommend using a crown.

Dentists use dental bridges to replace one or two missing teeth. Though artificial, a dental bridge looks like original teeth and can retain the functionality of natural teeth. There are several components in a dental bridge. It comprises two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap. The two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth. There are false teeth or pontics in between. Before placing the bridge, a dentist in North Rockswill prepare the adjacent teeth by removing some enamel.

Dental crowns and bridges can help in the restoration of teeth. Essentially, they are made of the same material. Dental crowns allow a dentist in North Parramatta to give additional support in case of an RCT, deep cavity, or large filling. Dental bridges, at the same time, are used by a dentist in North Rocks to fix false teeth in place of missing teeth.