How to find the right teeth whitening procedure?

Have you been looking for the right procedure to get back the original color of your tooth? The right procedure will depend on what kind and extent of discoloration that is affecting the teeth. The tooth may wear a yellowish look because you have a lifestyle that comprises smoking and drinking coffee, wine, cola, and consuming other foods and drinks.

Extrinsic stains caused by lifestyle can be removed by a thorough cleaning.  Scaling and cleaning is usually recommended by a dentist in Oatlands that will help remove the stains. Regular toothpastes are not effective against plaque and stains.

While getting rid of extrinsic stains is easier, intrinsic stains and age-related stains are tougher to remove. It may require cosmetic teeth whitening. The right procedure will depend on the extent of discoloration. A dentist in Carlingford will recommend teeth whitening procedure based on your needs.

Trays shaped like a mouth guard can be used to apply whitening solution. The whitening solution is a hydrogen peroxide-based gel that can provide results in a few weeks. These can be worn during daytime as well as nighttime under the supervision of a dentist in Oatlands. The dentist can also customize a tray for you.

If you don’t get satisfactory results using whitening trays, then cosmetic in Chair Whitening might help.

Sometimes the stains may be due to genetic factors. Such stains require procedures which are more personalized. These include veneers and dental bonding.

Using veneers that are custom-made thin shells the front of the teeth can be covered. The veneers have to be bonded to the tooth. Made of porcelain, veneers restore the original color of the teeth. A dentist in Carlingford will place a veneer in two visits.

If you find veneers too costly, dental bonding is a good option. Dental bonding can be done with a composite resin. The resin is hardened by the dentist using a curing light. Both veneers and dental bonding are long-lasting and can provide a viable solution to tough stains.


Have you been trying remedies for getting rid of stains? Well, it may not be as easy as you consider it to be. Intrinsic and age-related stains require treatments from a experienced Dentist. A visit to a dentist in Carlingford for cosmetic teeth whitening can help you choose the right procedure. The right treatment will give you the confidence to smile.